Network Access Control (NAC)

LimRAD NAC Overview


LimRad Auth Platform Policy Manager By re-interpreting Radius server language according to industry standards without using the open source code, wired, wireless, VPN, APN, such as the standard, or icons developed by the hardware manufacturers to achieve high performance with low hardware resources can respond to a new generation Radius Server.

Radius requests to the server can be interpreted faster by multithreading architecture and speed up validation time by answering low hardware resources.

LimRAD Auht Platform Policy Manager network can work with CheckPoint, Fortinet, Forcepoint and Sophos with Network SSO support.

Because it does not serve as a gateway in the system topology, it creates a bottleneck in the network.

Thanks to the advanced interpreter, requests from the user equipment are transmitted to the LimRAD Auth Platform - Policy Manager module via the Radius language via the access device. “Role“,”Downloadable- ACL” ,”VLAN” and / or manufacturer-specific icons, depending on the type, which can be forwarded to the access device by verifying the transmitted packets from the integrated MS AD, LDAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, or internal local user identification databases Network Access Control (NAC) is provided by sending verification and rule packets.

By disaggregating according to the packet types coming from user devices, corporate devices and users' own devices (BYOD) can be separate from each other, and access to corporate resources can be made only from enterprise devices.

In the MS, AD and LDAP structures that can be integrated easily, the Organizational Unit in the organizational data source can be taken the temporary memory on the system and the rules can be written according to this data. Does not require repeat identification.

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